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Exclusive Quarries Pvt Ltd

India 1st

Main quarries: Granite

MP Black Granite Quarry( From )

  • Type:
  • Material:
  • Color:
  • Quarry Location:
    98 India - Madhya Pradesh
  • Stock:
    50 CBM
  • Minable Capability:
    500 CBM
  • Description:
    Our BLACK GRANITE is a DOLERITE Stone taking excellent polish on account of the least impurities and hence it doesn"t need a convertor. It cuts easily as it takes polish and looks exotic and beautiful in polish, flamed and leather finishes. The dark black foreground has sparkles or flowers in the background and this makes it look like the starry sky at midnight.
Joe Sam (CSO)
Telephone: +91-9810319111
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